You can make an appointment to session with me in person.  I will give you the choice of me being nice or mean.  I enjoy the variety each day brings, so I will have fun either way.  However, make sure you are careful what you wish for.  If you say "really mean" or "as mean as possible", I hope you will be able to handle it.  When describing your requests, it helps to give examples (quick ones) of what you mean specifically, as  a word's definition to one person is not always the same to the next.  Let me know how you want to be humiliated (verbally, physically, etc) and state you like to be called a sissy...

Humiliation and punishment are my specialties and my very favorites.  If you ask for humiliation, let me know if there are any areas that I should avoid in my tongue lashing.  Also, is crying a stopping point or encouragement to let the verbal wit fly?  Personally when a client cries in a session with me that means they really need to learn a lesson.  I am always happy to teach it.

Everybody gets to say a safety word, which means "stop, for real", unless they have given up that right by saying they don't need one.  Once you give up the right to a safety word, I hold you to it.