I have quite a few new punishment tools and implements.  Come check them out.  I know you have been bad and need to learn a lesson.


I have a vanity with all kinds of make-up, hair tools and products, jewelry, wigs, panties, accessories and a walk-in closet of outfits to chose from.  There is everything from sexy lingerie to clothes you can actually wear out, which are available for purchase if you love the "new you" so much you don't want to change back into the clothes you wore.

If you think I forgot about you, you are wrong.  I have tons of new fun things to play with including toys, inverter to hold you upside down and lots more.  I don't want to tell you about everything.  Anticipation is part of the excitement.

I have been telling you about the dungeon I was working on.  Patience does pay off and it is amazing.  

If you want to see the newest dungeon in San Diego, call me to schedule an appointment.

I am doing a photo shoot in early September in the dungeon.  Don't be the only one left out to see this great play space.

Foot Fetish or Shoe Fetish Lovers:

I have a store display shoe rack with tons of sexy HEELS and BOOTS showcased.